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Jürgen Weißig
Managing Director GmbH
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Adervtising, film production and media design
Media services from a single provider

As a full service media agency, we have the right specialists for your brand identity, to suit the demands and budget of your project.
We offer a wide range of services: film and DVD production, 3d visualization, print and web design and many others. Feel free to assess our versatility and passion for quality. We are looking forward to your project.

Teaser – Wind MW - Meerwind Süd | OST

For more than one year we join with our partner Green Field Solutions planning, production and installation of the offshore wind farm MeerWind Süd|Ost of WindMW GmbH in the North Sea. Here's a first short film with shots of the production and installation of offshore foundation structures.

3D-Panorama, Architecture-Visualization

We can present your project from different angles! According to your wishes, we create a vison of the future which already is persuading and inspiring today. We create highly detailed and artistically sophisticated worlds always in close cooperation with our customers.


Special offer: image film
Image Film

Reveal the strengths of your business and let everyone know what you are capable of. Whether on your website or at an exhibition - our professionally produced image films are sure to impress!

Film Production – “Wind MW - Meerwind Süd | OST”

From steel construction to the open sea, we cinematically accompany the enterprise “WindMW” and provide a fascinating documentary about how their wind farm is produced and commissioned.